Our Commitment To Your Mission Delivery Needs:

Our Critical Maintenance & Logistical Support Team is committed to providing the most effective, reliable and efficient solutions to maintaining Transport Hardware GSE and assisting in your next test flight or critical asset move.  We have many years of unique experience within this industry.  We start by listening to what you have to say.  We learn about the challenges your maintenance and transports face and the unique set of circumstances that brought you to us.


Our support begins with our reliable maintenance plan.  Our dedication to preparing Transport Hardware with preventative maintenance procedures have given us over 100 successful transports over the last decade with minimal en route road side repairs.


In addition to our Transport Hardware maintenance plan, we provide mission essential services to support the transport of your critical asset.  Although roadside repairs are never a position we can anticipate, be assured that we take control of these situations and work our repair plan and return the team to transport as quickly and safely as possible.  Our customized and integrated transport solutions are here to protect your business.





With 11+ years of servicing this industry, we have had over 100 successful transports and deliveries. See below for a list of our closes clients:

AEROJET/ROCKETDYNE (Rancho Cordova, California)


LOCKHEED MARTIN (Denver, Colorado)





"It has been a good 10 years.  We are also extremely grateful for the "quiet" that is provided by Burns Truck and Trailer.  This may seem like an odd phrase, but we have certain suppliers that generate way too many problems and way too much noise.  Burns is way down at the bottom of the noisemakers' list and we appreciate the quiet competence and efficiency that is displayed in keeping the Atlas rolling stock and handling equipment in good working order."

-Atlas V Program Executive Director


"After most Atlas Launches, the satellite customer says "thanks for the ride."  Booster dollies, clamshell door welds and cargo heaters may not seem very "aerospace," but rest assured that the ride from Sacramento to the launch site is just as critical as the ride from the launch pad into space.  So let us say to the people at Burns: 'Thanks for the ride.'"

 -Atlas V Program  Chief Engineer


"Wow, time sure flies!  I can't believe it's been ten years since we engaged you and your team with the Atlas V SRB program.  I would like to personally thank you and your team for the continued support and dedication to the Atlas V SRB program.  You are an integral part of the Atlas V SRB logistics team.  The attention to detail and focus on mission success is greatly appreciated.  Keep up the great work!"

-Atlas V Program Director


"You've got a lot to be proud of and I congratulate you on your selection as one of the top suppliers for the Atlas program.  Truly, truly well deserved!"

-Atlas V Program Procurement


“Thank you for the 100% reliability and support with no quality escapes and 100% Mission Success!”

-Atlas V Program ILS Engineer

Critical Maintenance & Logistical Support